Website Sponsorship

Do you have WordPress website and people really like it? Give them a chance to become sponsors of your website with Website Sponsorship plugin. It’s easy now. Just acitivate it and place widget “Website Sponsors” on sidebar (or shortcode [websitesponsors] on sponsorship page). After that your visitors will be able to include their hyperlinked name or even their hyperlinked logo into sponsors list. All they need to do is to fill up simple form and pay small sponsorship fee (plugin accept payments through PayPal, AlertPay or InterKassa). Nice way to monetize your website. Isn’t it?


  • Website sponsorship: allows your visitors to become website sponsors.
  • Text and logo links: your sponsors can upload their logos.
  • Multiple payment gateways: accept payments via PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, InterKassa.
  • Website Sponsors widget: add list of sponsors to any widgetized area.
  • Sell backlinks: alternative usage of this plugin is to sell backlinks on your website.
  • Monetize your website: increase your income with this plugin.
  • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin as any other plugins.
  • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to any language.
  • Built using WordPress best practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check.

Front End Functionality

The best way to describe how the plugin works is to show live example. It is here, on this website. There is “Website Sponsors” widget on right sidebar. Click the button “Become a sponsor” and see what happens. 🙂


1. Install and activate the plugin. Once activated, it creates menu “Site Sponsors” in left side column in the admin area and adds new widget “Website Sponsors”.

2. Click left side menu “Site Sponsors >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set your PayPal ID, AlertPay E-mail, InterKassa parameters, sponsorship fee, e-mail templates, etc.

3. Go to Widgets page and place “Website Sponsors” widget into any widget area. As an alternative way to display sponsors, use shortcode [websitesponsors].

4. Create new page (or use existing one) and place the following shortcode there: [websitesponsorship]. This shortcode generates sponsorship sign up form.

5. Click left side menu “Site Sponsors >>> Sponsors”. Here you can create/edit/delete/block/unblock sponsors as well as view transactions details.

That’s it! Website Sponsorship plugin starts making money for you!

If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.