Verified Downloads

Verified Downloads is a solution for Envato Market authors. With this plugin only your Envato Market customers (and nobody else) can download files from your website. People must enter their Item Purchase Code to download the file. The link is encrypted and valid for a limited period of time to avoid its sharing over Internet. As an administrator you can decide either users must purchse certain Envato item to have a chance to download the file (for example, before downloading file “#1”, user must buy item A from Envato), or the file is available for all of your Envato customers. Use Verified Downloads to distribute free stuff (such as add-ons, bonuses, gifts, patches, etc.) among your customers. It will stimulate people to purchase your items on Envato Market.


Try the following Item Purchase Code: e3d0df8e-fdf5-4b09-AFBF-b41a6631bc05

I agree with the Terms & Conditions
You can do with this item whatever you want. Good luck. 🙂


1. Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins. Once activated, it will create a menu “Verified Downloads” in left side column in the admin area.

2. Click left side menu “Verified Downloads >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set your Envato API Token, download link lifetime, etc.

3. Click left side menu “Verified Downloads >>> Files” and upload the files that you would like to distribute.

4. Once file uploaded look at column “Shortcode”. This is short code which you can insert into your posts or pages.

5. Go to any post/page edit page and insert shortcode there.

That’s it! Enjoy using the plugin.


Download from Github: