Donation Content Locker

Donation Content Locker is a plugin that allows to hide important content on your WordPress website and display it for donors only. All you need to do is to wrap protected content with shortcodes [donationlocker][/donationlocker]. If people want to view this content they must donate small amount (minimum amount is set by administrator) through one of five payment gateways: PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, InterKassa, Authorize.Net. After successful donation users receive activation link to make all locked content visible. Very simple workflow. Donation Content Locker is a perfect way to monetize and extend functionality of your website.


  • Monetize your website: get donations from your users.
  • Modern and secure donation form: CSS3 AJAX-driven donation form.
  • Lock important content: don’t display important content until user donated.
  • Multiple payment gateways: accept payments via PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Authorize.Net and/or InterKassa.
  • Minimum donation limit: set minimum donation amount.
  • Remember donors: plugin remembers users who already donated (using cookie).
  • Activation links: donors must follow activation links (received by e-mail) to unlock content.
  • Block unfair donors: if you find that someone distribute activation link, you can block it.
  • WYSIWYG editor: edit content of donation box with visual editor.
  • Accept shortcodes: insert any shortcodes inside of donation box.
  • Terms & Conditions supported: enable or disable terms and conditions for donation box.
  • Shortcode driven: wrap protected content with shortcodes [donationlocker][/donationlocker].
  • Easy to install: install and activate the plugin as any other plugins.
  • Translation ready: plugin might be translated to any language.
  • WordPress Best Practices: no any alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.



1. Install and activate the plugin like you do with any other plugins. Once activated, it will create a menu “Donation Locker” in left side column in the admin area.

2. Click left side menu “Donation Locker >>> Settings” and do required settings. Set payment gateways parameters, e-mail templates, etc. Please look at the screenshot below to see what kind of settings you can do there.
Back End Functionality: Settings

3. Go to any post/page edit page and wrap locked content with shortcodes [donationlocker][/donationlocker]. This shortcode is replaced by donation box automatically.
Back End Functionality: Post Edditor

That’s it! Enjoy using the plugin.

If you have problems regarding using the plugin, please contat me and I’ll help you.