Green Lines

Manage and sell ad lines with ease.


Manage ad lines

Create ad campaigns and embed them into any area of your site using native shortcodes and HTML-code.

Sell ad lines

Let visitors to create their own ad lines and purchase certain number of impressions.

Approval mechanism

Protect yourself against of “bad” ads. If necessary ads go online after admin approval.

PayPal integration

Easily configure the plugin to accept payments through PayPal.

Stripe integration

Easily configure the plugin to accept credit cards through Stripe.

Email notifications

Send custom email notifications to buyer and administrator after successful payments.

Ad statistics

Collect statistics of line impressions and clicks for any file for any period.

Remote use

Easily embed any ad line and payment form into 3rd party sites (just copy-paste couple JS/HTML-snippets).


All ad lines are pulled through AJAX and use redirection.

Performance optimized

Plugin is well optimized for better performance. It doesn’t affect the Google PageSpeed Insights score.

Multisite ready

(WordPress version only!) Plugin is ready for multisite installation.

Best Practice

(WordPress version only!) Plugin was built according latest WordPress guidelines. No alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.

Front-End Demo (lines)

All ad lines on this page are handled by Green Lines plugin. Below are some of them.

Front-End Demo (form)

Create your own ad line and complete the payment using the following demo parameters. For PayPal use account with password sandboxdemo. For Stripe use test credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any 3-digits CVC and future expiration date.

Do you want to promote your website? Do it now! Publish your ad line on our website. It is really easy - just fill up the form below and pay. After that we will show your line as many days as you purchased.
I agree with the Terms & Conditions
1. All Materials and/or Lines that the Advertiser supplies to this website shall be legal, non-adult, non-infringing, decent, honest and truthful.
2. The reproduction and/or publication by the Publisher of the Line (including but not limited to any photographs contained in the Line) and/or of any Materials supplied by the Advertiser within the Line and/or the use by the Publisher of the Advertiser logo and trade marks in the Line will not breach any contract; infringe any third party Intellectual Property Rights or other rights; render the Publisher liable to any proceedings whatsoever; and/or harm or detriment the reputation of the Publisher and/or of any other companies.
3. In respect of any Line submitted for publication by the Advertiser, which contains any copy and/or photographs by which any living person is or can be identified, the Advertiser has obtained the necessary authority of such living person for the Publisher to make use of such copy under this Agreement and has complied in all respects with the Data Protection Act 1998 (as amended from time to time).
4. Website administration may refuse, edit and/or require to be amended any copy, artwork and/or materials set out in a Line and reserves the right to make any alteration it considers necessary or desirable to the Lines and to require illustrations, artwork or copy to be amended to meet its approval for any reason.
5. Website administration may at any time remove any or all of the Lines and /or other of the Advertiser`s materials from website, which in the Publisher`s opinion are unlawful or have been placed on the website in breach of this Agreement or in the event of non-payment or any other breach of the Agreement.
6. The Advertiser agrees that all questions and complaints relating to a Line and/or the Advertiser are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Advertiser. The Advertiser agrees to indemnify the Publisher in respect of all costs, damages or other charges falling upon the Publisher as the result of any complaints, legal actions or threatened legal actions arising from the publication of any Lines, or any part of a Line.
7. The Advertiser shall be solely responsible for checking the accuracy of any Line for errors and for amending copy.
8. The Advertiser shall report to the Publisher any suspected faults to the Service as soon as the suspected faults come to the Advertiser`s attention.
9. The Advertiser shall not provide files that contain a virus or corrupted data.
Total: USD

Back-End Demo

Standalone script

WordPress Plugin


The word that comes to mind is outstanding. Very easy to install, use and modify to buyers needs.
texasbizCodeCanyon User
This plugin has great features and is well designed and easy to use. And also, and this is the reason why I am writing this review right now, the author really answers your questions and tries to fix the issues you may encounter. And this really makes the difference. For these reasons I give 5 stars and a big “Congratulations” to author. Awesome work bro !!
Maxim KorshunovWeb Designer
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