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Stripe integration

Easily configure the plugin to accept payments through Stripe with Strong Customer Authentication.

Native button or any link

Use native button or attach functionality to your own link, button and menu-item (any <a>-element) using “href” attribute.

Button styling

Easily style payment button with overall styling settings. Tons of options for any needs.

Encrypted download link

Plugin generates encrypted download link that is valid for limited time. It’s up to you how long the link is valid.

Various file sources

Host files in secured folder, Media Library (WordPress plugin only) or anywhere on your server.

Amazon S3 supported

If necessary, host files in Amazon S3 bucket and generate temporary link to access them.

X-Sendfile supported

Download huge files through X-Sendfile mode if mod_xsendfile module installed on your server.

Free downloads

Let your visitors to download some files without payments.

Email notifications

Send custom email notifications to buyer and administrator after successful payments.

Button/file statistics

Collect statistics of button impressions, payments and downloads for any file for any period.

Remote use

Easily embed any payment (download) button into 3rd party sites (just copy-paste couple JS/HTML-snippets).

CSV export

Export all download links, payment transactions and details into CSV-file for further processing.

Performance optimized

Plugin is well optimized for better performance. It doesn’t affect the Google PageSpeed Insights score.

Multisite ready

(WordPress version only!) Plugin is ready for multisite installation.

Best Practice

(WordPress version only!) Plugin was built according latest WordPress guidelines. No alerts from Plugin Check and WP_DEBUG.

Front-End Demo

Click the button or link and complete the payment. Downloading start immediately. Use test credit card 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any 3-digits CVC and future expiration date.

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Attach plugin’s functionality to any existing link or button. Click this link, for example.

Back-End Demo

Standalone script

WordPress Plugin


So simple and functional script with intuitive interface. No even needs to look at documentation. Install and work.
TeoWeb Developer
Excellently presented, wonderfully documented, quality upgrades and superb attention to detail. Can’t fault it.
Elena PodolyanWeb Developer
Brilliant code. Quick response to new Stripe checkout requirements (September 2019).
impreichCodeCanyon User
This plugin has great features and is well designed and easy to use. And also, and this is the reason why I am writing this review right now, the author really answers your questions and tries to fix the issues you may encounter. And this really makes the difference. For these reasons I give 5 stars and a big “Congratulations” to author. Awesome work bro !!
Maxim KorshunovWeb Designer
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